Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the commonly asked questions regarding the REVA Virtual Assistants. If you have another question not listed below please feel free to email us and we will answer you with-in 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost for a Pro Virtual Assistant?

Please refer to the pricing page on the website.


How many hours will my Virtual Assistant work?

Your Virtual Assistant will work the hours you decide based on your monthly plan that you select.


Do I have to pay overtime if I select the 40 hours per week?

Generally for a few hours extra per week, no you don’t have to pay any overtime. However if you want 5-10-15 plus hours extra in a week then yes you will have overtime payments.


Do I have to pay Superannuation?

No, Superannuation payments are not required as the employee is overseas.


Do I have to pay holidays, worker entitlements?

No, you don’t have to pay holidays or worker entitlements each year. However in the Philippines it is common to give a Christmas bonus each year equal to one months salary if you are happy with your VA.


Do I have to pay GST, VAT, Local or State Taxes?

No, there is no form of tax payable on your monthly payments as the services are supplied from overseas.


Do I have to give them warnings to sack them?

No, by law you do not have to give them a warning, however common sense prevails. If you want to succeed with your Virtual Assistant then work with them, not against them.


Can I swap my Virtual Assistant?

Yes, if you are not happy or find you are not suitable to each other or have a personality clash then you can swap your Virtual Assistant with one months’ notice. Simply contact the Pro VA HR manager in Manila and she will find you a new VA.


How long is my contract with my Virtual Assistant?

Your Pro VA contract is for 12 months at a time, automatically renewed at the end of each term. If you want to terminate your VA please give one months notice at the end of the 12 month contract. 


Can I cancel my contract with Pro VA?

Yes, you can cancel your Pro VA contract at any time during the 12 months with 2 months’ notice in advance. This is so we can place the Virtual Assistant in another position with another company.


Can my Virtual Assistant do everything for me?

No, your Virtual Assistant can’t do everything for you, just like an junior office assistant in any business they can’t do everything for you either. Try to remember that they are not super humans, they need training, support and guidance like all good team members do.


What is a GVA?

A “GVA” is a General Virtual Assistant, able to complete many general tasks in your business for you. This is what Pro VA supply you, a GVA. 


What is a EVA?

A “EVA” is an Experienced Virtual Assistant, able to complete many specialized tasks for you that a GVA can’t. An EVA will be skilled in these specialized tasks and Pro VA has many available for short or long term projects.


What happens if I have a problem?

If you experience any issues please contact the office manager in Manila, she is always ready to assistant and will contact your Virtual Assistant to sort everything out.


What happens if I want a special task completed?

If you need a special task or project completed please contact the office manager in Manila, she will arrange a EVA for you to quote and complete the job.


How long does it take to find and set up my Virtual Assistant?

We need up to 10 business days maximum (however we average 3-5 days) to find you a suitable Virtual Assistant complete our HR checks, arrange Skype interviews with and then start work.


What’s the signup fee for?

The once off $250 signup fee is to pay for our Human Resources department to find, source, reference check, complete paperwork, induct and place your new team member with you.


Do I pay this signup fee ( Human Resources) again if I want to change my Virtual Assistant?

Yes, to change over your Virtual Assistant it’s $250 each time so our HR department can find another suitable VA for you.


What if I want a second or third Virtual Assistant, do I pay another signup fee ( Human Resources) ?

Yes, another signup fee is require for each brand new Virtual Assistant you engage as the Human Resources department has to complete all the work again.


When do I pay for my Virtual Assistant?

You pay one month in advance on the 1st or 15th of every month depending on the start date.


Will I have to train my Virtual Assistant?

Yes, just like when you take on a trainee or junior in any business . Each and every business operates differently so you can expect a GVA to know everything about all types of businesses and their different practises.


How long will it take to train my Virtual Assistant?

Depending on what you need to train them in. Sometimes it can take 3-6-12 months to train a highly rated Virtual Assistant. Engaging a Virtual Assistant is an investment in your business allowing you to leverage your valuable time.


How do I get the most/best from my Virtual Assistant?

Simple, treat them like family and a valued team member, with respect, patience, understanding and they will work extremely hard for you.


Can I trust my Virtual Assistant?

Yes, in our opinion. In all the years of using Philippines Virtual Assistants we have never experienced a dishonest one, however it is possible so give them trust slowly as they earn it.


Can I give them passwords and logins?

Yes, we have given Virtual Assistants social media, pay pal, website logins and never had a problem. However please do this slowly as you build trust between yourselves.


How can I pay my monthly fees?

Please refer to the pricing page on the website. All payments are by Pay Pal each month, automatically. 


Are there any administration or any other monthly fees?

No, at Pro VA we don’t have any secret or hidden fees.


Will the cost of my Virtual Assistant increase?

We don’t anticipate a price increase for the next 3 years as we have established long term contracts with our Virtual Assistants.


Can I refer any of my friends, business associates or industry related companies to Pro VA if they want a VA?

Yes please, we have a great referral program that rewards you for helping us grow our business.


Do I get paid and how much will I get paid for referring somebody to Pro Va?

Please refer to the pricing page on the website.