About Us

About Us

ProfessionalVA was created by a pro-active online business owners who realized the urgent need for HELP in his own business so he could focus solely on “Dollar Productive Activities” ( that bogged them down at their desks) which can be done by somebody else that’s more suitable and qualified to doing those types of jobs more effectively.


So after 3 years of testing and measuring the “Virtual Assistant “space in India, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia the evidence was very clear, the Philippines is the best country in the world for English speaking “Virtual Assistants” that can learn quickly, complete tasks efficiently and understand the jobs. Thus the reason for Professional VA “Virtual Assistant” to be located in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.


So, now nearly 12 years from engaging his first offshore “Virtual Assistant” these online business owners now has 27 full time “Virtual Assistants” across many cities and towns in the Philippines. They now employs a full time manager to look after and monitor their work.


These business owners now work 100% of their time on “Dollar Productive Activities ” (that generate millions in sales each year) and work on their business not in it.


And the best thing is, you can too if you leverage your valuable time and hire a Virtual Assistant to help you grow your business.


Our Virtual Assistants can help businesses in all aspects relating to owning and running a business anywhere in the world.  We cater to established online businesses that want to take it to the next level as well as new online entrepreneurs that are smart enough to realize the importance of delegating tasks. We also cater to conventional businesses in the retail space, real estate, builders and developers, project managers, finance and financial planning companies and accountants.


Who Are We?

Professional  VA “Virtual Assistant” is owned equally by Asian Business Consulting Corporation in Hong Kong and their Philippine Manager &  Business Partner who is  based at the head office in Manila.

After years of experimenting in the Virtual Assistants space around the world we have learned that to succeed you need a local business partner based in the country of operation to monitor the VA’S.  Trying to manage your Virtual Assistants from any country by yourself will just not work.


Why Set Up This Business?

Simple, over the years friends of friends of the original owners found out about the success we were having with the Virtual Assistants overseas and as they went from 1 to 2, then 2 to 4, then 4 to 8 and eventually 25 plus they starting asking for advice and help to recruit their own VA’s.

So finally the decision was made to do it right, to set up a professional Virtual Assistants business catering initially for the Australian real estate industry, then into the builder/developer space and now the financial services industry. Since then the business was taking over by Asian Business and Consulting Corporation in Hong Kong and is now expanding in the USA and Europe.


Our Mission

Our sole mission is to provide business owners part or full time Virtual Assistants which will provide leverage so they can focus on what they do best “Dollar Productive Activities”